Boat Dealers : New Laws Help the Boat Dealer Increase Boat Sales


For 2004 boat dealers saw fewer boat sales than any other time in the past 15 years. The boat dealer industry has been very careful to take many steps to correct problems on both the manufacturer and dealer ends. While manufacturers and boat dealers are working together to solve the problem, neither group is exactly in bed with each other.

Even though the NMMA has lobbied heavily, boat dealers still managed to gain great ground by winning new boat dealer laws in three states. The laws establish the business Vigorous lobbying by the National Marine Manufacturers Association against legislated dealer agreements did not stop dealers from scoring some major points in the past year with the passage of three new state boat dealer laws in Missouri, New York and Georgia.

These laws define the business relationships between manufacturers of boats and engines and the retailers who sell them. Among other things, boat dealer laws set boat sales territories, require written cancellation well before contracts are terminated, and require boat warranty payment. The idea is that stable dealers of boats will focus on customer service and improve the boat buying experience. However the National Marine Manufacturers Association is contending that the state laws will inhibit competition between boat dealers and ultimately the consumer will suffer.